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To whom it should concern ★

Here at the Organic Republic we do our  very  best  to
provision you with a consciously responsible offering.
This is not always as simple as it may appear. It demands as much scientific literacy as ideals, vigilance to match enthusiasm. We strive to be as Certified Organic* as possible, simultaneously balancing our social and environmental duty of care to minimise food miles/CO2e*, work within the seasons, reward fair trade, ethical suppliers, purchase as locally as practicable. Not to mention the rather unusual proposition (for this sector) of remunerating our staff legitimately.
All this is consummated by sourcing at prices that are fair & viable for us as a bakery, salient value for you as the customer while concomitantly safeguarding the social, ecological & financial sustainability of our suppliers or producers. If that’s not enough: we already know how much you dig a side of Circus with your bread. Yes, and even after a rollicking, trailblazing decade we still relish an encounter to beguile you with the best gastronomic and/or nutritional experience afforded by your audibly contested Bondi Bullion.

The original intent with the use of the ‘Republic’ part of the name was not singularly revolutionary but about the ‘pluralism’ above. A more discursive narrative of these issues is available from Unfortunately, being Certified Organic* does not automatically ensure low ‘food miles’.CO2 e* means ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’ which includes CH4,, NO2  weighted according to their GWP (global warming potential)CH4 (Methane) GWP for methane is 21 but for Nitrogen Dioxide it is x 310.

That’s precisely why we pay the premium to ensure that 100% of our energy is sourced from renewables.

see more on our philosophy here


The original intent with the use of the ‘Republic’ part of the name was not singularly revolutionary but about the pluralism’ above.
A more comprehensive brief on these issues is available from me for those who need to know more. 

Unfortunately being Certified Organic does not automat ically ensure low ‘food miles’. CO2 e  means carbon dioxide equivalent which includes CH4, NO2  weighted according to their GWP (global warming potential) CH4 (Methane) GWP for methane is 21 but for Nitrogen Dioxide it is a whopping 310. 
Make no mistake: this is deadly serious stuff. Please note; The Organic Republic uses energy from 100% renewable sources.